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Ray Turf Farms

A lush, enviable, and healthy demonstrates your integrity as a property owner. You can rely on Ray Turf Farms for high-quality sod turfgrass, superior service, and knowledgeable professionalism!

Go green in more ways that one
Your gorgeous new lawn can also benefit the environment and our community. Our farm is the only local producer of sod in the Greater Spokane area, and the turfgrass we install is designed to stop soil erosion, prevent water runoff, break down pollutants, and purify the atmosphere.

Go from bare soil to a lush lawn in hours:

  • Benefits of Turfgrass Sod -  Environmentally-friendly, affordable, durable, attractive
  • Services - Growing, delivery, installation, fertilizer

Beautify and add value to your home! Call 509-464-1664. Visit us at 10711 N. Market.

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